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Jazzy Guera
Jazzy Guera

Jazlyn Guerra Biography 

Jazlyn Guerra, better known as Jazzy’s World TV, makes it seem simple. A few weeks ago, the 14-year-old Bushwick, Brooklyn, reporter went viral after sharing footage of an interview she had with none other than Jay-Z. Before then, she had been posting videos of her one-on-one talks with some of the greatest figures in sports and entertainment on YouTube and Instagram, and each one was better than the last. Because the young reporter is so confident in her abilities and asks insightful, witty questions, her subjects frequently grant her far more time than they would to a more experienced reporter. 

Jazlyn Guerra has amassed more than 62,000 Instagram followers thanks to her talent and charisma, and that figure is always growing. Finding an interview with the 23-time Grammy winner is a career-defining experience for any music enthusiast or writer, but receiving praise for her confidence from the legend himself is an even greater accomplishment. 

Jazzy made sure to obtain some success advice from one of the most successful guys in the entertainment industry during their chat.  


Soon after the interview she spoke about the significance of her conversation with Jay-Z, how she has become an expert interviewer in only two years, and what she believes lies ahead for her. Even though not many people have the chance to interview Jay-Z, it felt very significant to me since I got to have an interview with him. 

She has received praise from celebrities like 50 Cent, Jay, and Nas for her intelligence, self-assurance, and interviewing prowess; Steve Harvey referred to her as “one of the biggest superstars in the making.” Impressing someone with as much accomplishment as they have requires a unique person. “It’s truly incredible. It’s unique to me as not many people get the chance to speak with them, and I consider myself fortunate to be referred to as confident by them,” she adds. 

Jazzy said that she sometimes has to give herself a pep talk to get into the appropriate frame of mind and that her composed manner doesn’t always come effortlessly before she approaches them. 

Jazlyn Guerra|Age 

How old is Jazzy? As of 2024, she is 14 years old. She was born on May 15, 2010, in Brooklyn US. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus. 

Jazlyn Guerra| Family 

Luis DeHoyos, her father, has her back in every endeavor, and the two of them are working together to produce some exceptional programming for Jazzy’s World TV. They just began a few years ago. Though her brothers only aimed to reach their idols in athletics, Jazzy had grander plans. “I decided to do something constructive with our time since we had a mic, I had great speaking skills, and I was very confident in myself,” she says. “Me and my brothers wanted to go get autographs from their favorite athletes.” Additionally, I like conversing with new individuals and finding out more about them. I made do with what I had and asked these players the things that were on my mind when we went to acquire their autographs. And first, it seemed like they were having a great time with it. 

It became worse once I discovered my YouTube camera. After speaking with famous people like Derek Jeter, David Beckham, Jake Paul, Dwyane Wade, Ric Flair, and Antonio Brown, she immediately gained the attention of thousands of viewers. In addition, she has spoken with Rick Ross and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and most recently, she received a particular shoutout from renowned Canadian interviewer Nardwuar. 

Jazlyn Guerra’s Net Worth 

She has an estimated net worth of around $50,000.Given her continued success in her career, Jazzy’s net worth is anticipated to rise.